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Jeremy, Marketing Navigator

Profile Picture from Facebook A “Marketing Navigator for the Attention Economy,” Jeremy helps his clients turn their communities of "raving fans" into their best marketers.

Jeremy spent almost 6 years at Microsoft developing revenue-producing communities and authoring one of Microsoft’s most successful marketing blogs (over 110k views/month).

A two-time entrepreneur, with international business experience in Germany and Japan, and a passionate technologist (don’t get him started), Jeremy’s clients include Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, the New York Times, Yes To Carrots, and two NYT best-selling authors, Dan Pink and Gretchen Rubin (a #1 best-seller) .

As the founder of Never Stop Marketing which is, as Jeremy says, "not just a company, but a mantra," Jeremy is an accomplished speaker on marketing, the author of “It’s All on the Blog, Don’t Buy the Book,” and a specialist in building scalable Community Driven Marketing engines, a patent-pending process for identifying, cultivating, and activating an organization's Raving Fans.

As the father of 3 young children, he says that "coffee is a food group" and will interrupt any activity to take calls from "Client #1" (aka his wife of almost 9 years).

There's a lot more, but we'll leave you with this...Jeremy is a collector of lapel pins with over 700 dating back almost 30 years...and, of course, a spreadsheet detailing the date and location of acquisition.

You can read his blog at or find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, and FriendFeed (among others)

Better than any of that are the recommendations of others, including Internet pioneer and leading social media thinker (founder of Vonage), Jeff Pulver,  his former boss (the GM of a $150mm Microsoft business), one of the Internet era's most successful CEO's, and his first client.

The Never Stop Marketing Story

It all started when I (Jeremy Epstein, Founder of Never Stop Marketing) was working at Microsoft, focusing on helping partner companies improve their marketing engines and operations.

I noticed a disturbing trend.

Most companies viewed marketing as something to "turn up" when their sales opportunities look limited.

For a while, they aggressively marketed their services. Then, they landed a big client and promptly "submarined" for 3 or 4 months as they dedicated themselves wholly to the job of delivery.

They usually did a great job meeting client needs.

Thing is, when they came up for air after the project was done, they looked around and said "uh, where are my leads?"

My answer was always the same: "Your leads are 4 months ago when you stopped your marketing activities."

That's when the mantra was born.

The reality is that you can never stop marketing.

It's not a some time thing or a "when we need it" thing. It's an "all the time" thing.

Marketing, however, is not always about big events and campaigns. It is little things that make a big difference as well.

If you want to build a business that is sustainable over the long haul, you need to build a culture that has marketing as a perpetual activity. Like breathing.

Never Stop Marketing is a mantra for how we work.

More importantly, it's at the very core of the marketing engines that we build for clients.