Why I May Not Share Your Stuff..and Why You Shouldn’t Either

November 25, 2011

I was teaching a marketing seminar the other day and in a tactical moment, the class learned how to pre-populate a Twitter link (like this one-click here)

As we reviewed the handiwork, one of the participants said, “hey, will you tweet out my upcoming webinar to your followers?”

“No, sorry,” I replied. “I can’t do that.”

Initially she was taken aback, but I explained.

“You see, my greatest asset is my community. If I send them relevant stuff of high value, I continue to earn their attention. If I send them stuff that is irrelevant (to the reason they are following me), then I lose their attention.

It’s possible that I could wrap your webinar into something that IS relevant to my community, but as it stands right now, it’s not, so I’m not willing to do it because I think it’s off base for them.

And if it’s not relevant to them, you don’t lose, I do.”

When someone says to you “hey, please forward/share/RT this for me,” I know you want to help you friends out. I get that. But, if you keep doing that, over the long-term, your community will disappear…and with it, your greatest potential asset.

It’s an Attention Economy. Don’t take it for granted.

For another take, check out David Berkowitz’s post, I’m not a Social Publisher.

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