Community is Your Launch Pad…for Everything

December 4, 2011

Before you launch a product, a service, or anything, the foundation is the community.

A group of people, (“Raving Fans”) who believe in what you believe (as Simon Sinek would say).

Think Community First is our focus and it is the answer to the question of “How do we get the word out?”

It’s also the answer to “how do we know where we should innovate?”

Godin had a recent post “When Minimum Viable Product Doesn’t Work” that talks to this exact point.

Inherent in the process of minimal viable product, then, is a trusting, large permission base that will eagerly listen to you, try your new work and let you know what they think. And you don't have the option of building that audience once the product is ready--that's too late.

Trusting communities give you slack. They understand WHY you are doing something and, in many cases, they WANT you to succeed.

This is your biggest asset in R&D and in WOM-centric marketing.

It’s why we start with our community and establishing ourselves as trust-centers, not promotion engines.

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