How a Tweet Can Show You’re the Expert…

July 13, 2011

Not just any tweet, a relevant tweet.image

In a world where the network does the targeting, what you want to do is find people who share your passion and interests.

Then, you want to connect with them in a relevant way.

When you do that, you have an opportunity to

  1. build a connection
  2. establish trust
  3. demonstrate your expertise

Case in point (and, yes, I know I am on a Net Promoter Score kick) is the fact that I shared Never Stop Marketing’s 78% NPS Score.image

That post elicited a tweet from Rob Markey, who happens to head up the NPS practice at Bain.

Now, a quick glance at Rob’s twitterfeed and you see that he’s

  1. listening for mentions of “Net Promoter Score”
  2. sharing (in personal 1:1) tweets how we can develop a better understanding of NPS

That’s it.

Not selling.

Not asking for money.

Just helping and educating.

On Our Own…we see his credentials. We see his expertise.

Now, when it comes to the ever important “battle for positioning” in our minds for the term “Net Promoter Score” and how to use it to drive referrals, Rob has become the de facto expert.

How does this get “monetized?”
Who knows?

Maybe I become a client.

Maybe one of you becomes a client.

Or maybe, it gets monetized in the form of attention (from all of us) and links (from me).

That’s worth one tweet, isn’t it?

Lesson: Listen for the keywords that are relevant to you. Then, find some way to relevantly enrich the knowledge of the person who made the comment (and heck, you can use like Rob did) to track efficacy.

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