Never Stop Marketing Award #3

March 25, 2010

Working at a large company like Microsoft, it is sometimes easy to become complacent and expect that either (1) someone else will do the job or (2) one person can’t make a big difference.

Well, my experience with the Local Engagement Team at Microsoft during a multi-city speaking tour proved otherwise.

This team embodied the mantra of “Never Stop Marketing.”

Over the course of a few months, this team leveraged no fewer than 15 (by my count) permission-based assets to drive awareness of the event and the unique offerings that the team provides to their partners.

The concept of the “v-team” (virtual team) is oftentimes an excuse to give the illusion that progress is made and it’s rare that a team really comes together and gets the true benefit of a “whole greater than the sum of its parts.”

But, this time they did and I salute them.

A big congrats to:

  • Eileen DeVito
  • Nicole Rau
  • Jennifer Gomes
  • John Stroiney
  • Bruce Marshall
  • Stacy Miros
  • Tracye Foy
  • Carl Preston
  • John Lalonde
  • Steve Measelle
  • Lesley Rubin
  • Jennifer Giovi
  • Chris Syberg
  • Paul Jensen

We hope to get their pics soon and post them on the NSM fan page as well.

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