How to flip a marketing nightmare to create a passionate customer

December 10, 2012

So, I wish I could take credit for this one all myself, but this is reader submitted. Thank you Phil Raskin.

Here’s his story..
A restaurant in DC, Church Key, advertised a special Belgian beer event for this last Saturday.  They were going to have a few kegs of exclusive lambic beers imported from Belgium especially for this event.  These beers are nearly impossible to find in America (nearly impossible to obtain in Belgium for that matter!)  Regardless, the event was called for 3:00 pm.

My friend got there slightly before the starting time and much to his dismay all of the beer was gone.  He was told by the bartender: "sorry first come first served".

My friend had a beer or two and trekked back to Bethesda.  As he thought about it more and more, he got more upset (this is really rare beer and he is a huge beer dork!).

He finally tweeted them that he was upset that they called the event for a certain time and it was sold out once he got there (before starting time).  They responded to send them a DM through twitter and they would "make it right".

End of story, he gets an email from the GM of the bar which cc'd the beer director and offered him a $100 gift card and directed him to call the beer director before he came next time.  They truly understand how to turn an negative experience into a positive one and build a brand. 

Needless to say my friend is now overjoyed and telling all of his friends how good of a business they run.


You don’t even need my commentary on this one…it’s just a good example of what we believe. Thank you, Phil.

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