How a Lanyard Inspires Hotel WOM

November 20, 2012

IMG_20121112_081028The BIG stuff in customer experience is obvious.

At a hotel, you need a bed, a shower, etc. That’s clear.

But it’s the little details that show you care and the little details that create the Word of Mouth that grows your brand… for free.

Now, I’m not one to usually blog about hotels. My needs are basic. I like a bed, a good workout room and fast, free internet.

The amenities on top of that don’t impress me. I just don’t really care.

Now that I’m big into running (thanks to Tough Mudder), I love going outside to run the neighborhood.

At home, I know my route, but when I’m travelling, I want a good route where I won’t get lost or have to go way out of my way (which has happened).

Well, the Intercontinental Atlanta Hotel in Buckhead showed up big time on this front. (Even making up for the fact that the Internet wasn’t free-a pet peeve of mine.)

I went to the Concierge and said “I’m looking for a good 4-5 mile running route,” whereupon she pulled out a double-sided laminated card with a lanyard.IMG_20121112_081045

On one side, a map. On the other, written instructions for a 3 and a 6 mile loop.


It tells me…”this is a hotel that really cares” and the way they show that is by thinking “if a guest wants to run, what would they want?”

Now…time to apply that to your business.

And mine!





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