A community of trust and how it pays off

January 22, 2013

I’ve written about trust a lot before, but it’s worth doing so again.

When you foster and cultivate a community of trust, you are making an investment in the exponential growth of your business (and probably your life/marriage, but I’m know more about marketing than I do about that topic).

Today’s example comes via my friend, Daniel Anguiano. Here’s the thread. Made possible because Daniel believed I actually cared what he had to say. And I do. Genuinely.

Once you show your community that you do care, you’ll get unsolicited, valuable feedback often.

If you don’t, you won’t hear from them.

Your call.

Here’s the thread:

Hey Jeremy,

Hope this e-mail finds you well. I am sending you this feedback about your site because I really like your blog. Besides,  I know you in person and I am sure that you will appreciate the constructive criticism and take it positively (ultimately I read your blog so this is also for my benefit J). With this preamble, I am now going straight forward to the point and without any sugar coating.

Site Feedback

1) It is Crowded!!

a. Top banner: Ask me to Drag this icon to my taskbar, there two broken links, two links that I cannot even see “learn ab” and “Site Pinn”. Followed by a page that is trying to open showing ¼ of your logo

b. Your logotype (a precious asset) is covered. I can hardly see it 

c. There is a pop up banner that tell me to check out the features on the [very bright, red] toolbar below…. Just in case that I have not seen it already

2) After all this banner promotion, what is left? – A cover title “Do you share Our Passi” and a Quote. That’s it

3) I do not know where to click next. I wanted to read your latest blog but I couldn’t find the content. I had to click on four different links to start reading your blog

4) Had I not liked your blog that much, I would have given up by now and go to a different site


My reponse:

First off, you are the man!!! Thanks for sending this in. I am going to blog on it.

Second..you’re using IE (most ppl aren’t ;-) 

Just kidding…a friend of mine suggested that I use site pinning. I should kill the Wibiya bar at the bottom, however. You are right about that

As you may know, I’m now working at Sprinklr (MS is a client, btw), so I haven’t really been that focused on the NSM site (but you make a good point and I’ll tweak those).

More importantly is the fact that you felt comfortable enough to share this with me. That means a lot and speaks to your character.  Thank you for that.

And his final response:

No problem, I am glad that this e-mail was helpful. It is hard to tell how people are going to react constructive criticism but I knew you will take it positively


And…to make it all worthwhile, I made the changes…showing that I really meant it.


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